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Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

Zoe's words

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I find it REALLY hard to switch off, relax and just ‘be’, so for me, it’s my time to focus on nothing else but me, my body and my awareness. I like to think it will keep me supple as I don’t want to grow stiff the older I get!!

The biggest thing for me though was how much yoga helped through the birth of my 1st baby. I swear had I not learnt from Tracy , my labour would have been 100 times harder. I was completely in my own head space and I guess just calm (as calm as you can be in that situation!). My labour was only 8 hours from waters breaking to baby coming and the midwife said had she not known my age (I was 38) then she would have said I was in my mid 20’s 😉 I honestly put that all down to yoga. So, thank you Tracy, all that time spent lying in cobblers pose during my pregnancy really did pay off.