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Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

Tracy's words

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Yoga gives me quiet and stillness. Yoga gives me strength, courage and tenacity.  It allows me to feel and let go.  I have acquired a yoga “toolkit” over the years and learned how to use it. I feel more prepared to deal with life’s nice surprises and nasty shocks.  

However, practising and teaching yoga doesn’t make me infallible. I make mistakes, I don’t always have answers. But from my yoga practice and study I have faith, patience, integrity and kindness to draw on.

The universe works with its own mysteries and energies that affect us all.  A terrible accident so many years ago, ultimately changed the course of my life.  “Try Yoga” the Doctor said, 20 years ago.

My physical health is so much better than it would be without a regular and consistent yoga practice.  My mental health improved drastically when I took up yoga, and particularly when I focused on a new career in teaching yoga.  I no longer suffer with debilitating back pain, headaches that last for days or depression linked to chronic pain.  I no longer take pills like sweets as I used to so many years ago.  I have no need for them.  I still get occasional back pain or headaches.  They remind me to get back to the mat.

Yoga allows me to breathe, deeply. I find space to exist, on my own, and in my family, with my friends and in my work.  Yoga permeates all my life, I am grateful.  I’m a better Mum and a kinder person to live with from what I learn through yoga. I think I’m a more empathetic friend and I treasure special friendships.

And this plethora of ways in which yoga helps me is never ending…each day I’m reminded of something new.  Today it was running.  My yoga helps me to run – to breathe, to be focused, to enjoy being outside, to believe I can.

I find contentment in my practice and my teaching. I have a fun job that I really love! I have more time to be, I take more time to be.  I am more accepting.