Summerhouse Yoga

Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

What my students say...

Charity class Summer2016

Students have said:
"I love yoga with Tracy. Great teacher, peaceful & relaxing classes - highly recommend" Lavina
"Yoga with Tracy is the one time in the week when my mind is still. Tracy is mindful, not just regarding yoga poses and breathing but also of the toll life takes on us and she allows us to find a rare moment of peace in a warm, safe, forgiving environment." Theresa
"This is the one class I look forward to every week. Lovely peaceful environment, friendly people and really challenges mind and body. Love it!" Elma
"I really look forward to my yoga class here - it's my evening of sanity and it sets me up for the whole week!"  Amanda
"That was amazing, I need to come to yoga classes here more often!" Danielle
"Thanks for a wonderful lesson.  I feel like a new woman this morning, I can breathe easily and woke up free from pain!" Katy
"I love it all and look forward to it every week" Mel
"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class last night, feel taller already and looking forward to next week" Sarah
"I feel so much better again today after yoga last night!" Tamsin
"Thank you for a fab lesson last night.  I really enjoyed it and slept so well!" Lucy
"Brilliant class, thank you. I want to come more than once a week. I feel so much better already." Emma
"I think it is a perfect evening class... I look forward to the peace!" Charlotte
"I've done one course and am loving it all! Roll on the next course" Sarah
"The class is perfect" Mel
"That was absolutely the best class I have ever done. I'm still feeling the effects now 2 days later" Mel
"I slept all night for the first time in 10 years after my first yoga class with you last week.  I can't wait for tonight!" Ronan
"I love coming here - the atmosphere is so lovely!"  Ruth
 "Just to say that I really enjoyed the class yesterday. Slept well - and I can feel it a bit today, in a good way."  Helena