Summerhouse Yoga

Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

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For me there are a few key words. Movement....not just physically, but shifting my thought patterns, energies and mind set. Stillness...time to pause, be still, calm, in touch, accepting.  Balance....physically, emotionally, mentally, balancing strength and flexibility, balancing doubt and fear with determination and confidence, to name just a few. And finally matter what, there is always the breath.  Soft, strong, immensely comforting, calming, powerful, unconscious, conscious - no matter what, I can always simply come back to my breath.  I could continue endlessly about my passion for yoga and all the wonderful things it has taught me and brought me in my personal, family and professional life, but without doubt, I don't think that passion would have been sparked in the same way, if many moons ago one summer morning on the school run, a delightful and beautiful person (in every sense) hadn't asked if I was the lady who had asked her about yoga, and did I fancy trying out her class!! Thank you Tracy, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 xxxx

Kate B 2018