Summerhouse Yoga

Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

Yoga Classes at Summerhouse Yoga are small, friendly and fun!

What to expect

Tracy's classes begin with centring to prepare the mind and warm up postures to prepare the body.  The main practice of asanas, or yoga postures and sequences is followed by breath control practice, or pranayama.  A gorgeous relaxation finishes the class!

What students have said:

"Just wanted to say thank you. I love the atmosphere and structure of the morning class. It lifts me up both physically and emotionally for the rest of the day." Mo

"I go to quite a few yoga classes and this is definitely the nicest one. I love coming here" Charlotte

What to wear and bring

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.  We remove socks for standing postures.  All mats, blocks and cushions are provided although you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.  

You should try to avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours of the start of your practice and a light meal within one hour.  You might wish to bring a drink of water.  On cold evenings, bring a jumper/cardigan and socks and possibly a blanket to keep warm during relaxation when body temperature drops.

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