Summerhouse Yoga

Yoga tuition in beautiful surroundings located in Horsham, West Sussex

Anita's words

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I tried yoga, as an alternative to the gym and as a way perhaps of helping ease on a regular basis those aches and pains on that come with a well used older body. Its improved my ability to balance tremendously (still not good, but much better!), my strength in all areas of the body - and for the first time for a long time I don't wake up every morning with pain from the trapped nerve in my shoulder.  But what surprised me following that first session I attended was just how good it was for my spirit. Being asked to turn off my phone, concentrate on my breathing and to empty my mind of anything but listening to what was suggested we did next and trying to do it, rests me and calms me and makes me smile.  It is such a tonic!  Thank you Tracy and to my fellow yoginis who share space with me so nicely every week on Tracy's mats.